Progress in track discovery, ‘the greatest graphic invention of recent years’

Again GDC 2022 is a platform for innovation that will allow video games to show more and more realistic graphics in the years to come. Nvidia Showed the mantra of Path trackingThe so-called technology “the biggest breakthrough in real-time graphics in recent years”.

NVIDIA Reserach Vice President, Aaron Lefon, Actually released a short video showing the progress of this new surveillance technology in real time, with a detailed explanation coming from the US Grand Conference during the last GDC. As we learned from the official NVIDIA site, The Path discovery “Very precise rendering technique“As well”Real-time graphics are the biggest breakthrough in recent years, Surpasses simple ray tracing in performance and power. Thanks to the increasing computing power of new GPUs, path tracing can provide real-time visuals using billions of triangles and millions of different points of light.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post It will be a few more years to see this in the most advanced video games But some definite examples are already in the hands of players: Minecraft and Quake 2 have been showing the benefits of route discovery for some time. However, NVIDIA envisions the use of path tracking in Synergy along with other rendering techniques and in the meantime explores the possibility of introducing full support in future hardware. Looking forward to learning more, you can find all the details of the route NVIDIA official site.

Veronica Tucker

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