Promotional tools for use in exhibitions: Stampasi recommendations

Tools and Galleries – Le Exhibitions They represent very important opportunities for companies, which in these circumstances have the opportunity to communicate not only with potential clients, but also with advocates from the same sector they belong to: We know that brainstorming can always be profitable.

Sure enough, however, the main purpose is Attracting clientsWhich is why relying on tools can be more beneficial than you think to grow business. Provided, of course, that you choose them carefully: which means focusing on influential tools, with the right amount of creativity, which is necessary to attract the attention of the recipients but also to leave a positive memory about the company.

Stampasi recommended solutions

You are looking for Silicone braceletsOr shirts, mugs or any other tool for your personalization and distribution in the exhibition, you can count on a catalog Printing press Get the certainty of your needs being met. In 2020, the quality of this fact is proven by the German Institute for Quality and Finance, which put into a category Top 500 e-commerce sites in our country, Which is indicative of the levels of excellence achieved in the photo and instrument printing sector. Stampasi is based in Milan, but clearly serves clients from all over Italy.

Selection guide

As you can imagine, the variety of tools you can rely on to see in galleries is rich and varied. Among the most popular bags, but not to avoid this, there are bags that fully fulfill their purpose Advertising mission Also because they are present in the everyday life of each of us: in the car or at the office, but also in the bag or jacket pocket. As trivial as it may sound, the stylus is the best tool that can be presented in the gallery, provided it is Personality with care. Also because there are proposals of all kinds and for all tastes: if you want to move away from the more classic solutions, for example, you can rate bamboo pens or even wheat straw. These are ideal environmental tools for companies wanting to give themselves a green and defined image Environmental sustainability.

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Hats and Shoppers

Staying in the realm of classic gadgets, but always able to score highly among those who receive them, here it is Hats and shoppers. The former can be distinguished in many different ways: Gifts are also welcome because they have a practical use, with logos and personal writing clearly visible. On the other hand, versatility is the hallmark of shoppers, which can be used in many situations due to it being multifunctional. Also in this case it is possible to consider the hypothesis of recourse to Sustainable materials From an environmental point of view, among these we remember recycled cotton and jute. Made of resistant but lightweight fabrics at the same time, shoppers are carried away in everyday life, thus, they help boost the brand’s visibility effectively.

Notebooks and agendas

The Ease of use It is the hallmark of notebooks and notes, which retains its functionality even in the digital age despite the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. In fact, laptops have proven to be particularly appreciated tools when intended for professionals and professionals. over there Customization Helps to enhance these organisms, available in multiple versions.

The most technological gadgets

A very large and heterogeneous group is the set of technological tools, which includes for example power banks and USB devices. The latter is very popular because it helps anyone keep files, work and personal, without the risk of losing them or having to do without them due to an unexpected event. but also Charging tool It’s an attention-grabbing accessory in a gallery: all of us are now terrified of hanging around with an empty smartphone, and customizing this gadget with the company logo makes our business more distinctive.

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Other proposals

Finally, take a look at the other accessories: Avatars Bracelets It has already been said, even if the tyvek or fabric type deserves a mention in addition to the silicone ones. Their fit is simple and immediate. Remaining in the tool field for inexpensive fairs, then, it is imperative to mention the custom pins, suitable for many types of customers. Finally, here it is Key rings and badge holdersAwesome Valley, I rope.

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