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When Marty Cooper picked up his phone in 1973To make a call, he started the telephone revolution – the first call was from a mobile phone. Anything not easy at the time, weighing more than a kilogram, people took their cell phones with them to establish their status and celebrate their independence from the telephone cord.

Today, it feels like you’re carrying your whole life with you in a small and lightweight smartphone. Contacts, emails, passwords, social media, photos and games are all stored on about 6 x 20 cm. Even worse, if the cell phone is damaged. Comprehensive protection is essential. But the struggle to choose is tough: a case that’s barely visible but offers only limited protection, or would you rather have a protective case and an extra battery in one case? This is to aid in decision making.

Different Variations of Cell Phone Cases

Everyone uses their cell phone in different ways. Some only use it to make phone calls, while others don’t feel comfortable unless they also call their latest iPhone. Of course, cases with a mobile phone must be changed. But individuality is required here too. you can do it iPhone 13 cases at DeinDesign Not only choose different designs, but also design the cases by yourself.
But first you have to choose the primary function of the case.

classic case

One of the most commonly purchased cases is made of silicone, but they are also available in wood, metal or leather. If you want to emphasize the design of your cell phone, choose a transparent case. Others rely on funny sayings or embellishments. The back, which today consists mostly of glass, is well protected.

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outdoor cases

As the name suggests, outdoor bags are noticeably stronger than classic holsters. They usually provide all-around protection, they also keep out fine dust and are often water-resistant. Unfortunately, the external cases are also visually bulky and make even the thinnest smartphone bulky.


Fenders are housings that provide minimal protection. In fact, they only protect the frame of the phone, especially the edges and corners. The back and screen are not protected, and therefore are vulnerable to breakage if dropped.

face cover

In short, a flip cover is a combination of a money card holder, a cell phone case, and a cell phone holder. It is mostly made of leather or imitation leather. The mobile is screwed tightly, so the back, corners and edges are protected. When not in use, the tab folds over the screen. Some models have a buckle. The cover can also be used as a mobile phone holder.


Frequent phone users will find their investigation here. An additional battery is built into the case, which always supplies the mobile phone with power. Only when the battery case is empty will the cell phone battery be charged. More phone time guaranteed. But be warned: Cases can also be categorized as power banks and not every airline allows power banks.

Which case is suitable?

There is a huge variety to choose from, but cellphone cases in particular that aren’t bulky often don’t offer any screen protection. Therefore, it makes sense to provide additional protection for the sensitive screen.

Conventional protective film

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The classic protective film is actually a very thin film that protects the screen from breakage. All important areas, such as the camera, have been deleted so as not to lose the quality of the photos.

tempered glass film

Even if the term “foil” is used here by producers, the protective layer is actually made of glass. However, this means that the protective layer is much stronger than the traditional one. More protection, good handling, but again a few tenths of a millimeter more on the screen.

liquid screen protector

This is more than a handy solution for cell phone owners. Here, the protective agent is poured onto the screen as a liquid, adapted to the screen and then solidified by drying. However, the protective effect is not higher than that of traditional protective films. Importance: One must operate in a dust-free environment. Until the liquid dries, dust particles can also precipitate.


A cell phone case is always an expression of personality and should fit into everyday life. So it is important to think in detail in advance how much protection you need and where the design of the mobile phone could be most important.

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