Psychonauts 2 has become the best-selling Double Fine game

Double Fine has a special place within the team. Both through the titles produced, which are some of the cornerstones of modern video games, but also through the approach developers take to designing their work. So we were especially happy when we learned that the studio’s newest game, excellent Psychology Pioneers 2Double Fine has become the highest-rated and best-selling title! This is actually what Lizette Teatree Montgomery, artistic director, revealed in a thread last Friday. We learned that she left the studio earlier in April, marking the end of more than four years spent with Tim Shafer’s teams:

Unfortunately, there are no numbers to support this. However, we know that the previous record was kept Psychological pioneers The first of the name with 1.7 million copies sold. Therefore, the second authorship exceeded this figure by at least. Perform knowing that the title has no actual launch unlike the first! At the same time, we hope Titre-Montgomery continues to express his talent in his new adventure.

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