Xbox exclusive developer “Grab!”

The highly anticipated Xbox Exclusive will become the next big game from Microsoft’s console. But these days the same exclusive is finding itself at the center of a series of very strange rumors.

It started when we are now officially identifiable only as users of the forum Restoration That being said Former developer To get the bad news about Bethesda and Starfield, one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Xbox Exclusive, Developer Crop Revealed! (Photo: YouTube)

The whole thing was started by this user whose name was in the forum Heavy 008 (We use the past because his account was deleted), he replied to someone who asked him how it works Inside Bethesda He claimed to be a former member of this development committee. Then there was one of the questions about Starfield and his answer created a clear movement on social networks.

Starfield, a good Xbox game but the engine is faulty?

What happened at the resettler a few days ago prompted reactions from sources we all frequently use to get a preview of some. Information In the Bethesda game, that is still the goal In early November. It all started when a Heavy 008 user responded to someone who asked him how Todd (Howard)’s growth in particular, as it appears in an interview with Todd (Howard), and how it would work in Bethesda: “It is a good place to work, very safe. But the machine is tired. Todd is definitely an attractive type. Starfield is great, they do Weekly sports selection More and more things are coming online every Thursday since the beginning of the year. The dynamics of firefighting are good, Flying is scary My opinion at this point and this is not fun. The lighting and the rest will be even better and better It is not on the scale of Horizon Forbidden West Or something else like that but it’s still a good game. If I speak Coming out At the time, Obviously they will try to do it, they will cut down on some of what they did, they have supernumerary content, they may have more, so it’s not a problem, the biggest thing is to find something fun and fix the bugs. It’s a Interesting date And there are some, the Beta Expected in Summer, At that point everything will be clear“.

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Xbox Exclusive, Developer Crop Revealed!
Xbox Exclusive, Developer Crop Revealed! (Photo: Bethesda)

All of this information spread rapidly across the internet and was given by many General vent Frustration when reading that the graphics engine is a success. But to try to restore order, they came Jason Schreier And Scully, Two people who seem to have the right connections within Bethesda on Twitter. In particular, it seems that we can all sigh with relief Most information Given by this former developer Bethesda (which is one of the few things that has been confirmed, if not, even by Shri) are nonsense. Schreier said Twitter He sent a list of bullets taken from Heavy 008’s response to someone in Resetra. “CaXXate”.

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