Psychonauts 2: Reassuring news for Double Fine

Psychonauts 2 was announced in 2015, Developed by Double fine That raised an impressive amount through a crowdfunding campaign, but since then, The title keeps pushing back. 2018, 2019, 2020 and finally 2021, Fans are clearly impatientWhen will they be able to find it Once ?

Well, usually this year, as I expected the latest news. In a message posted on social networksAnd the Double fine He is reassured by stressing that Yes, Psychonauts 2, this yearBut he cannot say when exactly. However, the game’s development is going well, “It’s playable, it happens”. This is enough to reassure players in the future.

See you later in 2021 to get your hands on Psychonauts 2And the Double fine Now belongs to Microsoft But the game will release well on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as expected, the manufacturer can take advantage ofE 3 In June to reveal a specific release date. You can find the game PS VR Psychological pioneers in the appointed ruins to me 24.99 euros in Amazon.

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