A wonderful sculpture that embodies equality and is located behind the Seine Musicale

From afar, we could see a futuristic beacon surfacing. On the island of Seguin, we discover a An impressive vertical sculpture 25 meters high, Who won the international competition launched by the Hauts-de-Seine division. This competition to create a colossal artwork over 20 meters in length had an ambition that was not only cultural, but also educational and social: Equal opportunity and solidarity It passes through reaching everyone, from an early age, to culture. Suggested by Danae and artist Kohei Nawa, we’ll have a visit ether In the summer of 2022.

How do we represent equality? Contemporary sculptor Nohei Nawa, originally from Osaka, Japan decided to use The concept of gravity through its sculpture: Gravity works the same way for all life on Earth, making us all equal and equal. ether (Equality) will be held at the estuary point at El Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt, behind Seine Music. Consequently, it will resonate with the legendary ball and its type of large sail adorned with more than 1,000 square meters of solar PV panels and the Statue of Liberty by August Bartholdi, which is anchored at the foot of the Grenelle Bridge in Paris.

The colossal statue is 25 meters high in three dimensions and on 12 sides

The vertical statue is made of stainless steel and painted A little pink matt chrome. « It is visualized to capture a drop of droplets in a solid state. The regular rhythm of circles, balls and directions compose the movement. The surface runs in sides. When placed on the ground, it appears to float on the surface, anchored to the front of the El Seguin, like the one in a ship whose body and field will be the sail and gauge. Visible in 360 degrees, and how it looks is stays the same, regardless of the angle from which it is viewed: It is a beacon that guides the mind “Artist Kohi Noa explains.

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© Danae / Kohei Nawa

Augmented Reality Environment

The sculpture will be completed with the environment Virtual reality and augmented realityIt can be accessed through an app on a smartphone or tablet in order to deeply discover the work, the artist and his approach.

© Danae / Kohei Nawa

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