Qonto has completed its arrival to mobile payment, and the bank adds Google Pay

All Qonto customers will be able to pay from their smartphones via the mobile payment service. The new pro bank added Google Pay to its bank card compatibility, just weeks after the arrival of Apple Pay.

For those less familiar with mobile payment apps, Qonto now allows its customers who have an Android smartphone to save their bank card on their phones so that they can pay contactless using the NFC chip on your device.

Qonto is one of the latest new banks to offer its cards compatibility with mobile payment services. For several months, in 2020, Enterprise has been featured among the upcoming players to offer Apple Pay on the Apple brand’s website.

It will finally have to wait until 2021, dozens of weeks after its rival manager, to see the arrival of Qonto’s mobile payment. Of course, not all online banks provide access to Google Pay, but it has to be said that many banks prefer the French Paylib solution (in decline) that they have developed together for several years.

Qonto on Google Pay

In a statement, the Professional Bank said its cards are available on Google Pay for all smartphones running Android 5.0 or later. Tablets and smart watches can also be used to settle a transaction.

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Qonto compatibility with Google Pay requires an update of the neo-bank pro app. Once you are in the latest version, simply scan your bank card (be it One, Plus or X), then automatically add it to Google Pay.

After that, payments always work the same for all Android smartphones: long pressing your smartphone’s power button activates the NFC chip. Your card (or cards) are displayed this way, and all you need to do now is to bring your smartphone to the contactless reader of the store’s payment terminal.

As a reminder, mobile payments do not follow the same policy as a contactless credit card payment. The legislation assumes that these payments are more secure than contactless card payments, which do not require any user authentication. This is why you’ll be able to contactless settle payments exceeding the € 50 limit to the bank card.

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