Ragusa, Stop Mafia Tools: The Mafia Family

Ragusa, Stop Mafia Tools: The Mafia Family

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Also participating from Italy Alive in Ragusa to the initiative launched by the member of the Democratic Municipal Council of Ragusa, Mario Dasta, to stigmatize the use of the mafia sign in our province. This was announced by Salvo Liuzzo, a member of the National Committee for Renzee Politics, who explained, “Mafia symbols, the trade that are produced in stalls, in our souvenir shops, should be banned. I agree, even if it is from a different party than mine, the initiative that Mario Dasta took to stigmatize The use of the mafia trademark in our province, and I would also say, in our island I will do my best to ensure that the National Committee for Italy FIFA and, in general, my entire party can intervene in an urgent manner to create the conditions that allow the drafting of a bill in ARS aimed at bringing up the above-mentioned items. “.

Liuzzo added, “It is a very important topic, and it should not be underestimated at all, in relation to the image of our land. I do not care that it was suggested by a member of another party. I do not make it a matter of virginity. I think in this case it is necessary to take a specific position and overcome barriers.” Ideology and party affiliations. Let’s talk about the return of the image of our island. Those who come to visit us in Sicily and then return to their homes should be able to bring back the memory of the late Baroque era, the valley of the temples, the ancient Taormina theater and Etna, not the statue of the Mafia Boy in Venice. It’s incalculable damage to the image. And from this one. Things for sale in the shops on our island, as well as in the province of Ragusa, there is a lot. ”Salvo Liuzzo concludes with the memories that tourists have to bring with them, quite otherwise,“ We ​​have the best architectural beauty, we are proud of the best late Baroque, we can count on the sea, On the snow, on the most active volcano in the world. Then we will go to confront this unjustified surveillance. “

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His party colleague, Mariana Bossima, Italy’s regional coordinator, Viva Ragusa, supported him, “No, these products should not be allowed to be sold in Sicily because the image of our land appears completely distorted. Organizational responses are needed so that all of this is not acceptable.” Liuzu concludes, then, by emphasizing that the mayor of Comiso, Maria Rita Chembari, the city in which Liuzu himself resides, will also address the issue, so that the latter can also take a stand on this sensitive issue. (Dice.)

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