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An exciting pilot project in Duisburg. In the city of North Rhine-Westphalia, the app sets short-term vaccination dates with vaccinations remaining from normal operation.

The computer takes care of the notification

In an interview in Cologne City Newspaper Manuel Hotel, one of LIT’s Managing Directors, explains how the process works. Upon leaving the vaccine dose, the computer selects three registered interested parties and informs them via SMS. Whoever notifies first, can come directly to vaccination. If offers are not accepted, the application notifies three other interested parties after 30 minutes.

The project bears the name Bridge grafting It is currently funded by sponsors. Within 10 days of the test, 125 vaccine doses could be dispensed via the application. And that without which the suspicion arises that someone would have moved forward without justification. On the other hand, the system uses official vaccination rankings, but selects those that are notified at the end at random.

So far, Impfbrücke is still in beta. However, Hüttel reports that there are indeed many parties interested in the system outside of the partner vaccination center in Duisburg.

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