Ragusa tourism tools that praise the mafia and deduction + rights

Ragusa tourism tools that praise the mafia and deduction + rights

Ragusa tourism tools that praise the mafia and deduction + rights. We note with great satisfaction that the members of the opposition municipal councils in Ragusan, in addition to dedicating themselves to the regular skirmishes with the administration on political-administrative issues, are also devoting themselves to the interventions of civil and social life and, therefore, in the word cultural. We have already reported the beautiful lesson of the history of the Fatherland at the War Memorial in Piazza San Giovanni that Gianni Yorato of Ragusa remembers afterwards in giving the news of the inspection conducted with the competent advisor and the municipal technicians to determine the corrective interventions on the monument itself. It is now the turn of Democratic municipal advisors Mario Schiavola and Mario Dasta, who, inspired by the recent opening of two rainbow-colored seats in the yard of the former purifiers in Marina di Ragusa, wanted by the municipal administration to accept the request from ArciGay, intervene by thinking about gays and lesbians. In fact, it seems that, as Agedo (Association of Gay Families) has reported, “she was a teacher at a school in Ragusa who would tell her pupils that gays and lesbians should be expelled”, E Chiavola and D’Asta comment, “If it is true that this is the sentence the Ragusan teacher said For its students, so we still have a long way to go.We are convinced, on the one hand, that after the request of Arcijay, which was reinforced by the question of our council, the municipality arranged to create two rainbow seats in Marina that symbolize the struggle for rights and against discrimination of all kinds, rather a sexual nature. On the other hand, there is an indication that we cannot fail to understand the sign of criticism and opposition, a reference to the episode that was going to take place, as long as we are certain that it did indeed happen. So we ask for clarification but we ask the city to reflect because we cannot allow such an event to happen. This distinction. We would also like to stress that supporting these issues does not mean disbelief in the family but rather respecting the other, the rights of those who want to express their sexuality freely, without having to worry about being judged or, worse still, insulting. ” Finally, Mario Schiavola and Mario Dasta concluded that “Unfortunately, facts of this nature, if confirmed, give us a number that shows how, within our schools, there is still a lack of pathways that include the necessary information about sexual orientation and gender identity. There are still many steps to be taken at the forefront of the necessary comparisons, even with schoolchildren of all levels, for LGBTQ issues. These are too dangerous matters to be ignored sufficiently. We ask the mayor to check the outlines of the issue, and before Everything, to encourage discussion of topics closely related to these aspects and which deserve the utmost attention within the Municipal Council. Mario Dasta also introduced an agenda against selling products and gadgets that denote symbols praising the Mafia even in Ragusa. D’Asta explains: “Some recent cases show how important icons are to mafias to affirm their power and show off their presence. We know that in different parts of Europe, unfortunately, businesses, products and gadgets refer to symbols praising the mafia. Mafia is an increasingly Italian brand in the world. … this should not be the case. Starting from our city but also from our region. When tourists start to flow regularly into our city at the end of this epidemic period, it will be appropriate to stop this phenomenon which, although symbolic, becomes important. ” The dem consultant points out the fact that “in the past, in some businesses that usually welcomed the influx of holidays, it was“ normal ”to find T-shirts, statues, and paraphernalia of all kinds that mention Mafia symbols and attitudes. He asks“ Are these the souvenirs we give to remind Those who come to visit us Ragusa? Let’s say no to the mafia brand in Italy and Sicily in the world. What is more, the spread of indifference and misunderstanding that such small behaviors are not harmful, but that they raise the level of addiction every day to illegal, even among young people. That is why we believe that all this is an insult: to the families of mafia victims, judges, police, journalists, and associations that are committed to confronting them daily and also as a tool to spread a culture of illegality. ”Finally, Mario Dasta concludes,“ We ​​ask you to respond to the call of many disaffected people who shout ‘I am not a mafia’. And they are doing their best to put in place laws that prohibit the existence of activities, as happened in our city, which invoke mafia symbols and prohibit the sale and production of products that casually glorify the mafia and discredit anti-mafia symbols, thus spreading the culture of illegality. An agenda has been presented to oblige the municipal administration to prepare a specific, robust and decisive initiative, prohibiting the sale of such tools in the municipal area pending regional law or, why not, the state, created in the same spirit that can be applied throughout the island and patriotism. But, in the meantime, we must evaluate and develop measures that could impede an unacceptable process. ”(Da.di.)

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