The cast of win_winry signed by TIFA is simple and complete –

Final Fantasy 7 Has recently returned to the center of attention, especially thanks to the many announcements made by Square Enix. Between the classic games and the new formulas used in this story universe, we must not forget that the characters are all important. Cloud, Barrett, Eritrea and Defa will always be in the hearts of players no matter what form they appear in. Tiffa Now there is a new hub cosplay in win_winry.

Cosplayer offers us one Simple but complete version By Tiffany, in her classic white with black suspenders and combat gloves. There aren’t many details that make Tiffany the character we all want, at least from the outside. However, there are many reasons why we love Final Fantasy 7’s Warrior.

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy Saga, you should not miss these other works as well. Like Cindy’s Gospel written by Shisha 14: It makes your head spin. Shiroken_Sama can’t forget Tiffany’s new Gosplay: It’s a dream come true. Lycasacin’s Difa Gosplay has all its qualities.

If you like other types of fantasies, take a look at Lycasas’ Tris Cosplay – it’s better than expected. How not to mention the Gospel of Siri written by Lycasas: it is pure wholeness. Finally, let’s not forget about Jennifer Gospel, written by Lada Liumos: it’s incredible.

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Veronica Tucker

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