Razer just released an oddly designed mobile fan

Razer releases a weird portable fan for $60.

Mobile phones have recently become one of the best tools for enjoying video games. With no portable consoles – except for the Nintendo Switch Lite – and with the birth of cloud gaming with services like Google Stadia or Microsoft xCloud, smartphones are a great option to enjoy this great pastime.

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to display a button. ASUS ROG Phone 5 or Xiaomi Black Shark are just a few examples of what we talked about before. But if we have to talk about a brand that is truly committed to mobile gaming, it’s Razer, which just launched a new accessory for your smartphone that might interest you if you’re someone who spends long gaming sessions on your smartphone.

Razer launches a portable fan with a rather strange design

The Razer fan costs $60

For some strange reason we don’t understand, colored lights and original designs are associated with gaming accessories is that newer products like this one from Razer do little to deny the opposite. It is a mobile fan with a rather curious design and its task is really simple: to prevent our mobile from overheating when we play with it a lot.

Mobile video games are becoming more and more ambitious, and while there is still a long way to go to take advantage of next-generation graphics, apps are increasingly demanding better requirements from our terminals. That’s why and as we read in Android Police, Razer releases a 7-blade fan that can spin at speeds up to 6400 RPM which will help us keep the temperature of our smartphone under control.

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The Razer Fan is compatible with Android devices 67-68mm wide as well as iPhone 12 and 13 thanks to MagSafe. It plugs in through the station’s USB-C port and is $60. The question is, is it worth spending $60 to control the temperature of your smartphone? It must be appreciated by all of you.

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