Reality TV Meets Metaverse

The Hyperreality Initiative is an exciting new project, introducing reality TV into metaverse. This is a work of Dark Slope and Insight Productions. The mixed reality experience is very promising.

A few days ago, the virtual production studio behind The Bogey Ogre’s mixed reality game, Dark Slope, said it had partnered with Insight Productions. It is a Canadian production company based in Toronto. Among his works are famous Canadian TV shows, such as Canadian Idol, Big Brother Canada, etc.

It has just announced a new music competition called Eurovision Canada, which will be broadcast in 2023. The partnership between the two companies aims to create a reality TV show. However, this would not happen in the real world, but rather in the metaverse. Dark Slope dubbed it the “Ultra Reality Initiative”, although that’s not its official name.

Hyperreality Initiative: Reality TV Different

Dark Slope and Insight Productions will use the new Unreal Engine 5 game engine to create their reality show in the metaverse. Thanks to this, you will provide a mixed reality experience BREATHTAKING PHOTOS. In addition, in order to better immerse different competitors in the popular experience, the two companies will use a combination of haptic feedback technologies.

But that’s not all yet. They will also use face, hand, and object tracking. Therefore, different participants have the right Better interactions with the digital world. Of course, it is difficult, if not impossible, to introduce such interactions using standard motion controllers.

Either way, according to Insight Productions Senior Vice President Mark Lysakowski, Hyperreality promises viewing experiences unbelievable. In fact, the company’s experience in the production of realistic shows will be combined with the unrivaled virtual Dark Slope technologies.

Note that this isn’t the first time a company has tried to use immersive technology in television. at 2017For example, Fremantle Media, the company behind X Factor and American Idol, and The Future Group have created a Norwegian game show XR. Participants were allowed to compete in competitions based on mixed reality.

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