Toulouse. Fiona Likat: ‘They have a game like us’

Fiona Likat, third midfielder at Stade Toulouse, surrenders before the confrontation against Stade Bordelet.

I won with an easy win over Lyon (27-0). Tell us about the quarter-finals…

It wasn’t necessarily easy because Lyon gave us a very tough game, with a lot of commitment. The Lyonians have a great squad and put in some good play, and we were pleasantly surprised by their level of play.

Stade Bordelet, which you will face in the semi-finals, has seen an incredible rise…

This is a team that you should absolutely be wary of. In fact, they have not been assembled for a long time, it is a fairly recent project. And those teams are very hungry. They don’t know the final stages, but we played them during the Coupe de France. Honestly, it’s a very aggressive team, they have a lot of desire, which puts a lot of commitment into what they do. They have a displacement game that is similar to ours.

Do you also fear its package, which includes high performance profiles in collisions?

Yes, they are very athletic too. They have good strong features in the first and second line. Then the third streaks are somewhat mobile, and they have a lot of activity. In the offensive line it will be a tough battle. And we know it’s going to happen up front first. If this fight is mastered, the delay will be much easier for our three-quarters.

You’ve done an in-depth analysis of your next opponent…

Quite frankly, the Bordeaux team, we’re analyzing it without insisting either. The important thing for us is to focus on our style of play and correct the mistake that happened in the quarter-finals. What we want to avoid is leaving the match frustrating and not following our convictions in what we suggested.

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What happened?

Our observation is necessarily positive because it is a victory over the knockout match. But it is true that we want to produce more, and increase the volume of toys.

You have played in two finals and prestigious international matches such as the victories against England and New Zealand. Do you prepare differently before the semi-finals?

not nessacary. But I enjoy these moments the most because we know they may be the last. During the training week, we try to enjoy these moments. Otherwise, in terms of our week and week content, I don’t change much in my habits. Most of the work has already been done. It won’t happen in a week.

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