Red Bull has no problem with Hamilton’s ‘match’ at the end of the third quarter

The end of qualifying for the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix F1 saw two Red Bulls choose to leave the pit lane after the two Mercedes cars, while in the previous round of Q3, which placed Lewis Hamilton At the temporary pole, they had left before the Ebony Arrows. However, the slow in Valtteri Bottas and put Hamilton Max Verstappen And Sergio Perez In a precarious position in the latter sector as the session nears its end.

If the Dutchman crosses the time line before the checkered flag, Perez will be cornered. This situation caused an uproar among some fans and observers, although the pilots of the Austrian national team did not seek to complain about it and did not refer to it often. It has to be said that none of the three drivers from the two teams who started the clock improved after that, as the front row Mercedes froze at 100% and Verstappen’s third place.

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In a context where controversy seems constantly required after the Silverstone crash, questions are clearly pouring into the Red Bull camp. However, Christian Horner, director of the Milton Keynes structure, did not find many faults in what he described “mini game” at the end of the session.

“Lewis had a hell of a lot then and then obviously slowed down, slowed down and obviously didn’t want to give our cars a clean lane.”He explained to Sky Sports. “But it’s his right to do it. He has a position on the right track. We don’t have a big problem. Now, all that matters is tomorrow.”

When asked if Red Bull would have done the same if the situation were reversed, the British leader added: “I think we would probably have focused more on getting our tires ready, as we could see his lap time was way off the mark. [meilleur] Chrono. He was clearly more interested in what was going on behind it. But that’s part of the game.”

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