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It is the premiere of a virtual reality experience that combines 3D, weather and the sense of human touch. This requires a lot of technology, the mindset of engineers – and the idea of ​​two filmmakers This year the Cannes International Film Festival open.

Manufactured by: Red Bull The Edge

Two directors came up with the idea for Red Bull The Edge

Profession Consuelo Fraunfelder And the Stefan Lauber It is telling stories. Managers and Producers «Garedy Movies» With «Annette» International Festival in Cannes. The audience is immersed in the story of an opera singer who dies and her partner raises their daughter.

Consuelo Fraunfelder and Stefan Lauber

© Romina Amato / Red Bull Content Collective

Annette’s fantasy. But Consuelo and Stefan also live for stories that happen in the real world. They both love mountains. Consuelo even says, “We like to live in the mountains.” It looks Documentaries about climbers and mountain guides. And at some point, the idea arose to tell a story that we not only see as viewers, but also experience in virtual reality.

We must discover the feeling of climbing the Matterhorn. “We want to convey the emotions that the great mountaineers feel when they reach the summit,” Stefan says. Consuelo adds: “That feeling of pride after a physical challenge. It’s where man and nature meet.”

In three years of work Red Bull The Edge Originated. As this VR premiere, Consuelo and Stefan had moments in which they asked themselves: Can we really make this happen?

Consuelo Fraunfelder and Stefan Lauper have already worked together on these films (the selection):

  • Movie The First World Came (Korsfilm) – 2012

  • “City Under the City” – 2016

  • “Rune or blue love” (short film) – 2017

  • “In the Pool” – 2019

  • “Annette” – 2021

Drones survey the entire Matterhornهو

Most virtual reality experiences take place in an inventor’s world. For example in video games. Red Bull The Edge is a reflection of a real world: From the Matterhorn and its surroundings.


© Davidson, Zermatt Tourism

We needed pictures of the Matterhorn from different angles. So we had to fly close to the wall.

Benjamin Bengett (SenseFly)

In order for the mountain to appear in 3D in virtual reality glasses, its terrain had to be scanned. And because no one can climb all the crevices and ice fields, all the hilltops and mountain ridges with a single camera, drones have taken over.

company feel, a branch of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL, has developed lightweight drones that meet the requirements of the mountain world. They weigh less than a kilogram, look like stealth planes and can reach 5,000 meters above sea level. M. fly. You can handle the turbulence and weather that can change very quickly in the mountains.

3D model of Matterhorn is premiere

Drone pilots spent one night in Hörnlihütte at 3,260 meters above sea level. They climbed to the launch site early in the morning. So they had the best lighting conditions. The drones took off during a six-hour flight About 3000 pictures of the Matterhorn.

Even the crest cross has been recreated according to the original.

© Romina Amato / Red Bull Content Collective

Benjamin Pinguet of senseFly says: “We needed to take pictures of the Matterhorn from different angles. That’s why we had to fly close to the wall.” Everything is coordinated with helicopters and gliders to ensure safety in the air.

The result is a three-dimensional model of the Matterhorn with an accuracy of ten centimeters. This has never happened before. But it was only the beginning. The model had to be coordinated with the real climbing wall in the Lucerne Transport Museum.

“X Studio” recreates Solvay’s Hut and Summit Junction

David Morales did 15 years ago “X Studios” was established. The Florida-based company specializes in virtual reality, which is primarily used in theme parks. Disney is one of their clients.

Bolding and VR at the same time? It has never happened before.

© Romina Amato / Red Bull Content Collective

David’s company built the virtual reality for Red Bull The Edge. David says, “We wanted to do something we hadn’t done before in terms of technology and storytelling. That was our main source of inspiration.”

X Studio built a replica of Solvay’s Cottage. This is where the virtual reality experience on the Matterhorn begins. Next, visitors climb the five-meter climbing wall. In VR glasses you can see the Matterhorn wall.

Last gear check before boarding.

© Romina Amato / Red Bull Content Collective

Star Wars “The Mandalorian” series provides motion capture system

20 wall-mounted knobs, precisely matched to the images in the VR goggles. The knobs that visitors see in the virtual world can also be perceived on the real climbing wall. And if you reach the top, you can even touch the cross-top version.

The virtual reality in which one climbs is something new. There have never been similar projects to orient ourselves.

David Morales (X Studios)

The visitor sees virtual hands and feet that track every movement of his hands and feet. The motion capture system determines the position of body parts and transmits them to the virtual world. It’s the same system that was used in the Star Wars series, for example “The Mandalorian” was used.

Teaser: Red Bull The Edge

Visitors carry the computer in their backpack. High-end hardware produces 90 frames per second. While the movie gets 24 fps, it needs more in VR. Otherwise, the visitor may feel a virtual reality dizziness whose symptoms are similar to seasickness.

Red Bull The Edge depicts an entire landscape

X Studio created the panorama from data from topographic maps. All the mountains around the Matterhorn that visitors see when they reach the summit. David says:Red Bull The Edge It is not just a video game. We drew a real map, a famous sight at the time. We wanted to capture these things as authentically as possible and make the physical requirements of alpine climbers tangible. This makes it possible to reach the Matterhorn, which is actually only possible with danger and risk.”

Jeremy Heitz and Sam Anthamaten on their way to the Matterhorn

© Jonathan Griffiths

For David, it is a pleasure to see people at the top. “You reach the top, you look around – and you think: I’m really standing on the Matterhorn.” It was the same on top about 100 times for testing purposes.

And Consuelo, who gave the idea for Red Bull The Edge? I’ve actually climbed the Matterhorn ten times. “It’s wonderful – this experience activates all of our senses,” she says.

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