In order to ‘save Titanfall’: hackers are crippling ‘Apex Legends’

Updated July 6, 2021, 5:22 PM

  • Hackers caused a stir on “Apex Legends”.
  • Hackers have disabled matchmaking for the game and left a message to the developers.
  • The hackers didn’t want to do anything bad, just to draw attention to a big problem.

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Dissatisfied users in the gaming community usually express their dissatisfaction in the forums or contact the responsible game developer directly. However, fans of “Titanfall” took a surprisingly different path.

They hacked the “Apex Legends” website and hid a message in it. This was called “Save Titanfall” and can be seen in the start menu of the “Battle Royal” shooter.

The link also leads to the fan page of the same name. It appears harmless, but the hackers have also been crippling the matchmaking process of the online shooter for hours.

Hackers paralyze Apex Legends over Titanfall

But behind this dubious act was not just a desire to stir up unrest. Instead, hackers wanted to draw attention to the disastrous state of the 2014 “Titanfall” shooter.

“Titanfall” has been considered virtually inoperable for some time. This is due to systematic and constant attacks by hackers who use DDoS attacks and other methods to interrupt games and paralyze servers. With the release of the new “Titanfall 2” in 2016, the situation wasn’t that bad, but similar incidents have been piling up here for months.

“Titanfall” titles are set in the same universe as “Apex Legends”. All three games are also developed by Respawn Entertainment and distributed by publisher EA. Although both parts of “Titanfall” received critical acclaim, they did not sell particularly well.

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It’s different nowadays with the more popular “Apex Legends”. The free game is currently more popular than ever and has around 100 million players.

EA sells ‘Titanfall’ even though it’s practically unplayable

Respawn Entertainment already promised in April 2021 to address known issues and make “Titanfall” playable again, but nothing seems to have happened yet.

What critics particularly decry: “Titanfall” is still a regular sale – although EA and Respawn Entertainment have repeatedly indicated that the game is not actually playable.

The statement reads “Selling a game that doesn’t work as described without fixing the problem and ignoring customer limits is fraudulent” “”.

However, the site denies involvement in the “Apex Legends” hacking campaign. However, the creators use the resulting interest to refer to “Titanfall” problems.
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