Redfall launches Xbox and Bethesda demo with new game demo featuring characters and gadgets



Vampires respond.

Microsoft and Bethesda kicked off their demo today to show you more gameplay footage from red fall, the new co-op shooter from Arkan. It still looks like a really solid shooter, and you can check out the new trailer below:

The trailer gives us a closer look at the game’s super enemies and humans. Vampires look totally terrified, with the ability to block out the sun when they’re around. We also got a glimpse of several playable characters, including Jacob the Sniper and Layla, who got telekinetic powers.

Here are more details about each of the playable characters:

  • Layla Ellison: A biomedical engineering student who completed an internship at a research facility, where something went wrong, leaving her with extreme telekinesis.
  • Jacob Boyer: A former military sniper turned private businessman. The strange events in Redfall leave Jacob with a mysterious vampire eye and a spectral crow never far from him.
  • Remy de la Rosa: an accomplished combat engineer who has spent her life on the front lines. With the help of her group of robots, Prepon, she is determined to help rescue Redvale survivors.
  • Defender Crosley: occult animal scientist and budding inventor. Armed with weapons of his own making, he is on a mission to prove himself.

Redfall is a town in Massachusetts, and from what we’ve seen in the trailer so far, the levels seem pretty massive, which makes for some exciting encounters. The game’s traps and tools look rather unique, giving players a chance to trap vampires in a fun way.

Redfall is set to release on Xbox and PC around 2023It will also be available on Game Pass from day one.

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