Starfield is shown in the first game video! Weapons, History, NPCs, Editors and more!

Standing in line at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, Todd Howard finally staged to present the game of one of the most anticipated games of the generation: frankly we are talking Starfield

The presentation of the science fiction RPG provided what the players had long expected, viz Overview of the game universe and the game. It all begins in 2330 on Ancelone’s moon crest: after landing with his own spacecraft, the player explores the desert-like terrain with a companion robot. Gamble footage stabilizes the dual camera on the first and third person (in complete Bethesda style), enables viewing the HUD and locating plants, minerals, and organisms that inhabit the area. There was room for a series of shootings inside a research laboratory, where the player was able to show off his arsenal to defeat human enemies.

The second part of the presentation was given Taste of historyNon-player characters, locations in the new science fiction universe drawn by Bethesda, powerful writing editor and Spacecraft construction system, Which can be piloted independently and conducted as the first and third person in space combat. Todd Howard finally left giving us a meeting to taste the magnificence of the Starfield universe. Instant access to Xbox Game Pass by 2023 on Xbox, PC and Cloud. The brief of Microsoft, visible below, indicates that it will be released within the next 12 months, so it will arrive by June 2023.

“Bethesda Game Studios is waiting to bring this experience to the players”Howard said. “Creating this is an incredible journey for all of us, but we know it’s only the beginning, because the real journey only begins with you.”. Find the full presentation Starfield On top of this message, enjoy!

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