Removed from PS store for 2 months now, when will it return? –

February 18, 2021 will be out of the second month Cyberpunk 2077 From B.S.. Sony has actually decided to remove CD Project Red’s science fiction adventure from its digital store on December 18th. PS4E PS5, To avoid new diets with users, to be angry about the quality of the game. It happened within a week of its release. Now the question we ask is: when will it return?

Last month, CD Project Red released a new big one Update Cyberbunk 2077 is designed to solve various problems of the old-gen version of the game. Unfortunately, these actions are not yet enough to be enough to play without worries. There is that update as well Introduced new issues, Were quickly fixed with an additional attachment. Now, remember, the only way to play a video game on the PS4 and PS5 is through the disk version. Over there Digital version Will it return to the PS store? We believe so, but when?

The latest official information helps us to find out who the Polish team is “Work with Sony” to bring the game back to the PS Store, But no more accurate information. The impression is that this will take even longer, and we hope that Sony will demand a standard version of the Cyberbank 2077 from CD Project Red, making sure no one asks for a refund and complaining about the quality of the game, especially the PS4 version.

We also remind you that the CD project is planning a RED Connect the next gen to the PS5 (And Xbox Series X) which will improve the overall quality of the Cyberbank 2077. There is nothing to do now, but wait for the news about it.

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Finally, we point out that the bid for the index of The Witcher 3 and Cyberbunk 2077 is already over.

Veronica Tucker

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