Revolutionary Feature: Huawei does what it hasn’t done before

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Revolutionary Feature: Huawei does what it hasn’t done before

You will soon be able to unlock your Huawei phone using your lips.

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05.07.2021 – 09:53

Huawei phones could get an important update soon. The patent shows how you can unlock your phone using your lips.

is yours Unlock Huawei phone It should be easier in the future. While facial recognition, fingerprints and password have been the main focus so far, the Chinese developer is relying on a new principle: recognition of lip movements.

Open your phone with lip gestures

It seems that Huawei wants to enable users inside its smartphones in the future to unlock them by moving their lips. The corresponding patent description shows that the security of unlocking the cell phone can be guaranteed. However, there is still a long way to go for this technology from development to concrete application.

First of all, the technology is currently still seen as purely experimental. The effect of the actual application requires further investigation. However, it remains to be verified whether this method of recognition is able to overcome the shortcomings of traditional recognition methods such as face recognition. So it is not clear when exactly this will happen Harmony OS-Update Come.

This is how it works

Activated lip opening, as the name suggests, uses the movement features of a person’s lips to open them. The general type of lip motion detection is for a person to read a series of words or numbers on the device. Audio recordings are not absolutely necessary for this.

The images are then compared with previously stored lip motion features. When a certain match is reached, the phone unlocking is successful. Apparently, the patent disclosed by Huawei for unlocking via the lips takes into account the disadvantages of traditional unlocking methods. The specification states that the new technology is “flexible, reliable, spoof-resistant, and modifiable.”

What: Mydrivers (Across Huawei Central)

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