Rio Fulvester. “Le Comptoir du jeu”, and life regains its rights

A symbol of shared little pleasures, the fun café also demonstrates the dynamism of downtown, with its cultural richness.

Maryse Visas Baronia, mayor of Rio Wolfster, was given to preside at the beginning of April on the opening day of the Counter of the Three sign, a business identified as a “merry café”. If the game is often designed for children, what the café stands for is to get everyone to play, to create social bonds while having fun…

Installed in place of a vacant commercial space, the mayor did not fail to note: “…After two years of withdrawal and hardly optimistic context, we are reconnecting with life and opening a business that means moving forward, also taking risks and allowing us to meet to share a moment About a game … It also means helping to enhance the dynamics of downtown and I thank you warmly, a point dear to my colleagues and myself. And from this point of view, we are happy residents and elected officials.”

Some will say, local and municipal initiatives that foster entrepreneurship and a somewhat optimistic observation bolstered by the local spirit of doing and job creation given the extraordinary diversity of activities offered as close to everyone as possible. It is very important to see the city-city more attractive and warmer for everyone on a daily basis. A priority cycle for the human being, for solidarity, for proximity, for exchange, for bonding, for living together with an offer of intergenerational reception and access to care in the municipality that aims to be sustainable.

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“For us, it is essential that we not become a dormitory village that is simply crossed by road traffic lanes, it is essential that you have a city center, that you have a ‘heart beating’ where we are happy to see each other, meet, exchange a few words,” Marys insisted. Baronia visas.

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