Rocket League Summer: Detailed road trip event view

Rocket League summer is coming! There are special promotions throughout the month of July. Source: Psyonix

July will be an exciting and varied month for all Rocket League fans! As announced by developer Psyonix, there will be plenty of action from July 1 to July 28, 2021. Various game modes, double XP weekends, classics in the Item Shop and much more.

You can look forward to LTMs Heatseeker and Beach Ball, for example, while some items will be available in the store again for the first time since the free-to-play switch.

The summer road trip begins with the return of the perfect road car: the Ford F-150. The Ford F-150 RLE will be returning to the Item Shop as part of the Red, White & Boom Bundle. Bundle includes Ford F-150 RLE plus a new decal, player banner and boost. Also, 2v2 Heatseeker LTM returns the same week, July 1-5.

Roadmap for the road trip

rl Summerroadtrip roadmap
Events and content in the Road Trip event. Source: Psyonix

1. Repeater 7. Jolly: Das Ford F-150 Red, White, & Boom Bundle

  • Ford F-150 RLE
  • BFT aqueous formation
  • Strengthening the union beams
  • ford player july banner
  • Ford F-150 player banner
  • Ford F-150 RLE Wheels
  • Ford F-150 SE wheels
  • Ford F-150 RLE Boost
  • water head
  • Ford F-150 engine sound

July 1-5: Heatseeker LTM Live

July 1-5: 2XP Weekend

JULY 7 ONLY: Official Summer Pack in the Item Shop

  • Octane Official Deluxe Sticker
  • Official Fitter Topper
  • Four official wheels
  • Brilliant loop antenna (free item)

8. Bis 14. Jolly: KITT RETURNS – Knight Rider Bundle

  • Kate
  • KITT Boost
  • KITT Gullwing Topper
  • Knight Industries Player Player
  • Knight Rider Banner Player
  • KITT engine sound
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From 8 to 12 July: 2 vs 2 LTM Beach Ball Live

15. Bis 21. Julie: Back to the Future – Back to the Future Pack

  • DeLorean Time Machine
  • DeLorean Time Machine Wheels
  • Boost OutaTime
  • DeLorean Time Machine Trail
  • DeLorean Time Machine Audio Engine
  • hoverboard topper
  • Marty Jr. topper

15. Repeat 19. Julie: 3v3 Dropshot Rumble LTM Live

22. BIS 28. JULI: JURASSIC WORLD IS BACK – Jurassic World Bundle

  • Jurassic Jeep Wrangler
  • T-Rex Target Blast
  • jeep wrangler jurassic wheels
  • Jurassic Park Player Banner
  • jurassic world player banner
  • Mr. DNA Player Banner
  • jurassic park hard hat topper
  • jurassic world antenna
  • jurassic park antenna
  • no antenna
  • jeep wrangler jurassic engine sound

22. Bis 26. Jolly: Rocket Labs: 3v3 Loophole LTM Live

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