Happened in St. Georgen: Hybrid Program at Virtual Fires Conference – St. George, Triberg and Surroundings

Barbara Zimmerman (from left), Christoph Joel and Martin Zimmerman explain how the learning platform works. Photo: Imsimity Photo: Schwarzwälder Bote

Technology: The 16th Virtual Fire Conference is held with analog and digital software

At the 16th edition of the Virtual Fires Conference, virtual ideas and digital innovations will be exchanged once again. In any case, the presented program is full of future.

Saint George. says Martin Zimmerman, CEO of Virtual Dimension Center St. Conference programme. “We are very grateful to the site.”

Experts from rescue services, for example from fire brigades and disaster control, will once again exchange ideas about new technical developments next week.

The 16th edition of the Virtual Fire Conference (VFC) consists of expert lectures on topics such as mind control, multi-helicopter aircraft, robot dogs or training in virtual reality – all of which are futuristic technologies.

On the second day, the drone workshop is on the agenda

This year the event will be held mixed, says Zimmerman. This means that the lectures will be held online on Thursday, 1st July, and the program will take place on-site on Friday, 2nd July. For two days, the focus will be on digitizing rescue services.

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This year’s main theme is: “Everything Smart and Digital? – The Importance, Risks and Benefits of Digital in Preventing (Civil) Risks”. Zimmermann said that for the first time in the conference’s history, a representative of the German armed forces will attend to talk about the challenges of increasing digitalization in the armed forces. Other lectures will deal, for example, with the recognized helicopter simulator for flight training. Second, about robot dogs that can be used in hostile environments. Third, about brain computer interfaces or how one can control movements with thoughts. A speaker from Austria will also talk about the problem of tunnel fires and their solution.

A special feature of the first day is the introduction of the Cyber ​​Fire Academy, a virtual training and work environment for fire brigades, Zimmerman reports. People can gather here as avatars to work together. Fire Virtual Academy can be used via VR goggles, browser and also via smartphone.

On the second day, all kinds of activities take place on site in St. Jurgen. Zimmermann reports that a virtual reality bus from Switzerland will be located in the parking lot of the technology center. Various application scenarios will be run in several workshops using simulation software.

In the afternoon there will be a workshop on drones in volunteer fire brigades, which will be held with the support of fire brigades from Vöhrenbach and Gremmelsbach.

“As of today, a week before the event, we have about 100 participants,” Zimmerman says. But for online events, which is the experience of the past year and a half, most of the registrations actually come in the last week right before the event.

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Participants come from all over Germany and neighboring countries such as the Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol and France.

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