Role-playing game, Memories of Balden

Born in Paris, WE Gutman is the son of Dr. Gutman who joined the Armagnac Brigade’s Maquis (read JP Espiau’s article), and is a French-American journalist and writer. This former international editor of the future magazine OMNI, a former press attaché at the Consulate General of Israel in New York, and collaborator with a Russian scientific journal in Moscow, was on assignment in Central America for twelve years.

He now lives with his wife in Florida, and is about to publish his fourteenth book, SoakedA biographical time capsule, a mine of personal memories, historical events, often scathing musings about the human condition, the fourth nation (journalism), political immorality, absurd beliefs, and the nation has renamed America. »

His penultimate book Role-playing gameAnd the Countries memories, Translated into French, is currently available on Amazon. WE Gutman is looking for booksellers they can promote directly on their shelves.

Role-playing gameAnd the Countries memories

Everything is orderly. Every morning, when we wake up, we disguise and recreate the character who responds to other people’s calls, and we go up on the boards.

Wives and partners assume roles that do not suit them. Children play sons and daughters, cowboys and Indians, cop and thief. The body of Musa, the avenger lawyer. Jesus imitated the “Messiah.” Pontius Pilate played the role of ruler of Judaism, while Tiberius personified the ruthless emperor.

Crusaders and investigators launched horrific killings. Their victims, the anonymous additions, faded into the background. Hitler played Hitler, and Mussolini played Mussolini. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and still others, their satanic ambitions unfulfilled, in turn, rose to the stage.

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The clergy deceives the faithful who play the game of faithful souls. Deaf, dumb, and blind, “God” plays hide and seek in his imaginary stronghold. Dad played the role of the doctor, mom played the housewife.

All this is a huge, funny, sad clown, a fun exhibition where jugglers, deceitful people, walkers on the rope, jugglers and monsters reign. In order to unmask them and talk about them out loud, Gottman tells us – he played the journalist – the role that will finally allow him to get to know himself and pardon himself.

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