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Regular update on Thursday dedicated GeForce Now, NVIDIA has announced that all new GeForce Nav RTX 3080 will be available for subscription, previously integrated with pre-orders. This week the service is out on Steam today with four new games, the best description and the bloody The Crocpet Show.

Six month subscription a GeForce Now RTX3080 Costs 99.99 euros, but allows you to play at 120 fps at 1440p on PC and browser, achieves 4K resolution with HDR on Nvidia Shield TV or Shield TV Pro devices, 25 euros discounted among others during this period (Get a discount of 35 euros on the Amazon NVIDIA Shield TV Pro)

The combination of GeForce Now RTX3080 and Nvidia Shield TV allows you to stream gaming in 4K with active HDR.

Among the innovations announced by Nvidia is the addition of Euro Truck Simulator 2 to the DAF XF vehicle, which is available for free, celebrating the start of a bizarre DAF multimedia demonstration tour. This page. All are managed with test streaming for DAF trucks with the same streaming technology used by GeForce Now. However, below are the games of the week that will be added to the list of topics supported by the NVIDIA service.

New GeForce Now titles

  • The Crockpet Show (Lancio Su Steam, 16 December)
  • One Hand Tap (Steam and Epic Store – Initial Access Closed December 14th)
  • Early Warning (Steam)
  • Inscription (Steam ed Epic Games Store)

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