Saint Maximin Agricultural High School explores new horizons

Provence Vert Private High School opened its doors to recruitment this weekend. An institution that took 290 students in 2006 for 45 employees now has 550 employees as against 110. This year, 20% of additional registration requests were registered.

In partnership with other secondary schools

Growth that responds to the problems of this new world explains director Christian Breyer, “The environment, climate management, nutritional balance, but also the search for well-being, living well together thanks to social values. All this, we suggest, is not an empty word to say that we are a big family, we embody an educational community, it is fundamental to me and it is very unfortunate That the board of directors does not understand. We have many projects that will be carried out in spite of everything to try to meet this demand.”

BTS will open technical commercial in food products or in wine and spirits as vocational training for dozens of young people. It will be linked to Raynouard High School which offers BTS and digital commerce.

Students will be able to go to either school to learn additional skills.

Constantly, the final general semester is opened with the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Bioenvironment. Close work is carried out with the Jeanne d’Arc Secondary School so that students who have to pass eleven majors can benefit from their education in more literary areas. Half a day will be devoted to these exchanges.

At the beginning of the school year, a six-classroom building and a laboratory will be built with the support of the territory. The concern remains though for the apprentices, in increasing numbers. If no solution is found, it will be necessary to slow down the recordings. However, the possibility of not slowing down this path allowing the integration of young people is being studied.

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In accordance with the development of the current situation, Christian Breyer hopes to be able to take over the fate of the foundation, taking advantage of the five hectares and the purchased building in Bonneval. He’s already fantasizing about delivering the meals and bringing the apprentices home in the evening.


There is also a strong desire to modernize the farm with a photovoltaic greenhouse and a barn to house the cows in a modern stall.

The future of the sport is also being worked on, and will pass through racket tennis and also through EZBOX, in collaboration with Var Sports School of the Var Employers’ Association (UPV).

These are small rooms in which to exercise with a virtual reality headset, “A good way to lead young people with complexes, and inconveniences to enter the sport with complete peace of mind.”

Finally, the foundation wants to create an educational store where only school products will be sold to the public.

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