Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe. New mobile application for CCTA

In an increasingly interconnected world, it is essential that communities adapt and provide modern, practical and local services to the people of their territories. With this in mind, the Community of Municipalities of Tarn-Agout (CCTA) is today launching its new mobile information and alerts app “Tarn-Agout”, available free of charge on tablets and smartphones from the Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple) download platforms.

This new app allows users to easily follow all the latest news in the area in real time (exact change in City Hall opening hours, road works, special events, etc.). They are informed by sending notifications and highlighting news. His privacy? It concerns the entire Tarn-Agout region. In fact, it includes a space dedicated to inter-municipal information (managed by CCTA) and spaces dedicated to municipal information (managed directly by municipalities, to speed up the dissemination of messages). The application also has many other features aimed at facilitating the daily life of residents: an outing calendar, access to the family portal, a calendar of garbage collection days, etc. By activating notifications, residents are informed of local news in real time. The information is displayed directly on their smartphone lock screen. Go to your smartphone's download platform (Play Store for Android / App Store for iPhone).

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