Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone in Milan: the most beautiful exhibitions

for the first time, jaginaw left lanes Dell mobile salon To settle in the heart of Milan at a headline that evokes his discerning taste for upscale décor. It’s in the garden of the sublime Nikki Villa – Thirties Villa – presented by the German brand of luxury home appliances ” Form statement »» A fascinating exploration of his mastery of the combinations of form and function, industrial design, the beauty of craftsmanship, gastronomy and design. An expertise in materials and challenges dating back to its inception in the 17th century when Gaggenau was a specialist in enameling.

Punctuated by several steps that look like tastings, the exhibition takes place in a glass pavilion of more than 150 square meters with a view of the garden of the villa to present the new products of the brand – connected electric oven, stove, wine cellar … – all covered with materials borrowed from a noble character, such as Salvatore’s marble and Kaufmann’s graphic porcelain. Chef Christian Jurgens (three Michelin stars) uses all Gaggenau products to create a range of sophisticated dishes that subtly reveal the excellence of the brand’s equipment. A professional kitchen that makes you want to go behind the stove by paying as much attention to your way of cooking as you are to your décor!

>> Sample statement from Gaggenau, Villa Nikki Campiglio, Via Mozart, 14

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