Streamer costs $ 6600 but not even the 5-star legendary gem –

Twitch Streamer spent Quin69 live 10,300 New Zealand dollarsApproximately US $ 6,600 or, 6,200, on Diablo ImmortalBlizzard’s free-to-play title, Not even getting the legendary gemIngredients needed to fully improve a character.

During the live stream, the streamer spent $ 25 at a time to find out what he would have achieved with the higher investment. As mentioned in the beginning, he was not lucky and his “mild” frustration can be seen in the clip below.

Although Diablo Immortal’s “awful” mechanic guarantees a legendary gem for every 50 legendary ridges, the chances of finding a 5-star gem are slim. Of course, Quin69 is, above all, very unfortunate in this case, but it is also true that it only confirms the estimates made by the community, according to which it would take about $ 110,000 or ten to maximize a character on a Blizzard title. Years without putting your hand in your wallet.

Diablo Immortal’s monetization system was heavily criticized by the community before its release because it was considered too aggressive in character development, even when compared to loot and other free-to-play-titles.

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Veronica Tucker

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