Samsung Galaxy S22 outperforms iPhone 12 – the real discount is yet to come

Samsung repeatedly tries to increase the performance of the processors of its smartphones. In order for the Galaxy S22 to perform better than its predecessors, a very important partnership has been entered into, which now appears to be paying off. iPhone 12 defeated, but is it enough for the successor?

Samsung Galaxy S22: New processor beats iPhone 12

The South Korean company has entered into an extraordinary partnership to increase the graphics performance of Samsung smartphones. You merge one AMD GPU in its Exynos processors. This new chip is likely to be used in the upcoming Galaxy S22 and has now been seen as a standard for the first time.

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This is where the AMD chip shows its full potential and clearly outperforms the previous king, the iPhone 12. The new Exynos processor with AMD GPU achieved a score of 8134 at an average of 50 fps in the 3DMark Wild Life benchmark. However, the iPhone 12 “only” achieves 7,442 points and 40 frames per second, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra reaches 5130 points and 30 frames per second.

For Samsung, this is a huge leap and a victory over the Apple A12, which is the current spearhead. The new Exynos processor with AMD GPU from Samsung is not final. The Galaxy S22 will not appear with this chip until the beginning of 2022. By that time, the iPhone 13 with Apple A15 will be present, which is scheduled to be presented in September of this year. Then the story could look completely different again.

In this Video You can see a lot of crazy smartphone ideas from Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy S22 should get a new camera

Samsung not only wants to increase the performance of the Galaxy S22, But also with the camera. According to the latest information, a Brand new 50MP sensor can be used. On paper, this is a step backwards compared to the Galaxy S21’s 64MP camera, but the pixels should be larger and the image quality should be noticeably better. The Galaxy S22 may be a bigger upgrade than expected.

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