Samsung introduces the first camera hidden behind the screen in a laptop before transferring it to a mobile phone

The next step in the evolution of mobile phones will be Hide the front camera behind the screen. We’re not talking about the top notch or hole we’re used to seeing but rather to literally hide the camera behind the board. ZTE has already traded it with the Axon 20 Pro, with a little bit of “trick” and even Samsung already has a patent available to take this gimmick a little further.

In fact, Koreans have already introduced their screens in the community although we still have little to see on board one of their cell phones. Samsung preferred Use your laptop as a landing craft Of its new technology with the promise that we will soon have it in the mobile field. The laptop is none other than Samsung Blade Bezel with OLED display.

Samsung Blade Bezel, laptop with teaser

For now, the laptop is being hidden behind the scenes because what Samsung has done is a teaser, a promotional video of what’s coming and in this video. We see the first camera behind the Samsung screen. It is hidden behind a small transparent panel that hides the sensor and lets in enough light for you to be able to take pictures.

It is not yet known if this system used on the Blade Bezel is the system patented by the Korean manufacturer. In other words, a system with a small movable screen that slides when the camera is used and returns to its position when detached. Small screen once you put it in place It is integrated into the image of the rest of the painting This makes it nearly invisible.

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In theory, according to the promotional video, Samsung will be able to Switch from 85% of the front of their laptops to 90%, Which should translate the same for your cell phones once the camera jumps behind the screen out of the split. In the meantime, we just have to wait for the laptop to finally see the light to see how effective this camera is, and wait for Samsung to announce the arrival of this camera on its cell phones.

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