Samsung will unveil the ‘future of the display’ during the First Look 2021 event

Samsung usually starts the new year with the announcement of its new TV series, but this year will be a little different. The company has Set up an event Titled ‘The First Look 2021’, it is set to launch new products and its new visual technologies.A vision for the future of the scene.

Shortly before CES 2021, which starts on January 11th and ends on January 14th, Samsung will unveil its 2021 Smart TV lineup. The event is set to take place on January 6, 2021 at 11am EST. We expect the company to release new ones Microlet TVs, Mini-LED TVs, and 4K and 8K QLED TVs. Samsung is expected to unveil new laptops and tablets that will use new display technologies when it comes to photos that can be seen at the event invitation. The South Korean technology company could announce its follow-up Frame, The Sheriff, And The Zero Lifestyle TVs.

Samsung recently The 110 inch Microlet TV is ready to use For homes. It has 4K resolution, You areSuch as image quality, built-in 5.1-channel speakers, zero bezels on all four sides and Tyson Operating system. The company said that its new TV offers high speed audio for very high brightness, high contrast ratio and better audio display experience.

The South Korean technology company wants to go straight to microlet technology, rather than OLED technology for its future televisions. Microlet displays can theoretically provide OLED-like angles, contrast and response time, while clarifying typical OLED issues, including screen burnout and low brightness. However, this is a new technology and the biggest challenge is providing high screen resolution and lowering the price.

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