Samsung’s SmartTodings can finally control your Google Nest devices

Google and Samsung are bringing their smart home sites together for the first time. Samsung’s Smart Things will support Google Nest devices from January 2021, creating a bridge between one of the industry’s leading ecosystems for managing smart devices such as cameras and thermostats.

Prior to this, owners of devices eligible for “Working with SmartDowings” (WWST) certification were required to use separate software to manage any Google Nest product they owned. Following the launch of the integration next month, all Nest products will be controllable from the SmartTodings platform and will qualify as WWST devices.

The partnership further enhances Samsung’s smart home platform, one of the leading hub makers for managing smart home devices on the same network. Samsung Bought Smart Things in 2014 for $ 200 million Smart home products are due to the company’s ability to communicate at different ethical standards.

Since then, SmartTodings has grown Supports thousands of products Google is still a significant exception to this day as Samsung has volunteered to integrate the platform with every smart home brand in the market. Samsung claims that its platform now has more than 120 certified brands and more than 63 million active users.

If Samsung is its new Google partnership, it will be able to integrate Nest devices into smart dings displays to set up automatic controls for multiple devices simultaneously, and integration will mean streaming support from Samsung TVs and its family Hub Fridge Nest cameras and other devices.

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Veronica Tucker

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