Scary Oculus viewers showing the wearer’s eyes

From Facebook Reality Labs, a solution that displays the inside of glasses to maintain eye contact

(Photo: Facebook Reality Labs)

the Virtual Reality Projects in a digital world to be explored in an immersive way and to move naturally. Perception goes beyond where one is, but the body does not, and it also happens that it creates some difficulty in communicating with someone close. Direct from Reality Lab on Facebook a Oculus headset concept which seeks to create a perfect bridge between virtual reality and 1.0.

Idea posted on one studio Titled the inverse pass Vr that aims to create a bidirectional representation, Make Oculus devices less isolated from the outside world. In fact, viewers become real passersby (a corridor, as per the title of the paper) because inside they act as a window to virtual reality, while outside They show a 3D reproduction of the eyes, allowing for visual contact.

The next step to functionality (Passthrough Vr) that actually allows you to monitor the surrounding environment wearing the viewer, through the built-in cameras. Virtual reality should not only be considered in the entertainment field, as for example with Playstation viewers, because this technology is also increasingly being adopted in Professional fields for educational purposes, to educate workers in certain tasks as well as for Remote presence and remote communication. In short, the goal of Facebook Reality Labs is to facilitate communication in all virtual reality applications.

Of course, even if you move with noble intentions, The end result is very annoying Where the wearer becomes a technical version of Pale Man de Fon Labyrinth. It will be a while before we see the first prototype of the Oculus headset with reverse traverse technology, but the path is being tracked and surely it will flow the great path towards the new frontier of metaverse, where virtual reality plays an important role. .

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