What are valid (and invalid) tests?

24 hours after introduction Green Boss Mandatory throughout Italy (from Friday, August 6th), We will clarify what is black and white Valid tests To get (and invalid) Green certificate. Note, as always, The Enterprise site Administered by the Ministry of Health, there is a section dedicated to frequently asked questions in this regard.

Green Boss: I’ll check

In short, The Molecular testing And this Rapid antigen testing When it is carried out by health workers or trained personnel, the result is dispatched National site To get Green Boss. Details.

  • Molecular testing: Allows the detection of the presence of the genetic material (RNA) of the virus. This type of test is performed on a sample of respiratory secretions, usually a nasopharyngeal swab.
  • Rapid antigen testing Added common European list: Opens new window for rapid antigen testing for COVID-19. This test, performed with nasal, oropharyngeal, or nasopharyngeal swabs, allows the virus to quickly reveal the presence of antigens (30-60 minutes). This is the type by health professionals or trained personnel, the date on which it was carried out and the data to be sent to the National Site-DGC for issuance and certification.

The Time Is valid Known for some time: 48 hours from the time of collection.

Green Pass: False tests

To date, however, the Quick self-tests, I Saliva tests ei Serological tests. These will not allow you to get the required green certification from Friday, August 6th. Exhibitions and all other categories are included in the July 22 order.

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