Sébastien Delaveau edited a board game made entirely in Berry

The Berry is also available as a board game. Latest so far: “The Addition,” halfway between Monopoly and Mille Bornes.

Objective: Complete the menu you drew, with 5 items (drink, appetizer, main course, cheese, dessert) and have enough cash, at the end of the game, to pay the bill, in local currency, no. Lignier.

This game was created thanks to Thierry Leclerc, of Argenton-sur-Creuse (Indre) and Sébastien Delaveau, director of La Bouchure publishing house in Chassignolles (Indre). The first is the one who imagines the game and the second is responsible for the editing.

culinary art design

“I actually published a board game in 2017, Berry Ladies ’” recalls Sebastian Delavo. When Thierry found out, he called me. At first, not all menus were designed around berry, but I wanted ‘berry’. “

Six lists have been developed to cover every berry: Sancerre, Brenne, Berry Champagne, S Cologne, Boischaut north and Boischaut south. It consists of staples from the region such as valenkai cheese, green lentils from Berry or shortbread from Nansai, but not only!

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Says Sebastien Delavo, who chose to conjure up a delicacy known as isodon marzipan, a cheese called “le petit verzon” or even berry spirulina.

I requested three companies in the Cher area

Nothing had predetermined Sebastian Delavo to embark on the release of Berry board games. Originally from Turin, he arrived at Isodun in 1999 as an industrial electronic computer engineer, before launching his own publishing house in 2018 and then his online store La Bouchure in 2021 to “try”.

The “addition” is part of this continuity. “I edited this game to bring the area to life and for people to have a product that speaks to their area,” explains Sébastien Delaveau.

Keeping the local economy going is also the goal set by the publisher for the production of this game, 100% made in Berry. At Cher, three companies were called: Clerc, in Saint-Amand-Montrond, to print the rolls; Z23 concept, at Aubigny-sur-Nère, for 3D box prototypes; and Imprimerie Rapid, in Verizon, for printing notices and tickets. Illustrations by Patrick Solat in Bourges and translations by Michel Pinglaut in Villabon. The rest is designed in Indre.

Even Sebastian Delavo was involved. “I could not find a subcontractor in Berry to make plastic-free boxes, so I decided to make them myself, using a 3D printer, from reeds that grow in Brien.” The options that explain the cost of his toy are set at 32 euros.

In total, the design of this game will last for two years and require 10,000 euros of investment, without support. “I have no hope of being profitable, but I do want to talk about products, partners, and create synergies.”

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150 points of sale distribute the game in Berry, including tourist offices in Bourg, Verzon and Saint-Amman-Montrond.

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