SEGA prepares big-budget reboots for Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio – News

Last year, SEGA revealed some of its plans for the future with the announcement of a batch of “Super Game” – cross-platform and local AAAs around the world – intended to mark a fresh start of sorts for the editor. A little over a week ago, Shuji Utsumi, Executive Producer, Masayoshi Kikuchi, Producer, and Katsuya Hisai, General Manager, gave some shy confidence about this great project, without revealing anything about it. tangible. It was without relying on the unexpected intervention of Takashi Mochizuki, a journalist at Bloomberg, who went looking for information and brought back some indiscretion.

His sources, who preferred to remain anonymous, informed him of the development of two Reboot Main licenses: crazy taxi And Jet Set Radio. The first will also be under construction for a year now and SEGA will consider exit in two to three years. The two titles were also included in SEGA’s latest annual report which lists a series of assets the company plans to modernize. SEGA’s goal is clearly demonstrated there: Develop recurring revenue streams and create online communities around its license portfolio » style It is an electronic gameAccording to our colleagues at Bloomberg. Also remember that a third “Super Game” is in development within SEGA’s European studio: an FPS that aims to generate 100 billion yen (724,500,000 euros) over the entire life of the title.

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