Amazon is also recruiting for its virtual reality

Amazon isn’t the top earner for its plans around all forms of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality… (or XR to sum it up) but there is activity behind the scenes, Observed protocol.

The site has listed multiple job postings citing, to varying degrees, XR and augmented reality as areas of application for future premium devices. It has also not been presented in amazon. Some of these tags appear to have been removed from the descriptions but may remain in the page URLs.

Amazon Echo Primes

These are profiles for engineers, interface designers, image analysis specialists, or those with consumer product launches.

Amazon’s interest in this field would not be surprising, not to mention consumer electronics, the giant can develop its own solutions to meet its massive internal needs.

However, we may have forgotten that Amazon actually launched an existing product very On the sidelines of what can be described as augmented reality glasses.

with Echo Frames Marketed in the US since the end of 2020, Amazon has started playing with sound by incorporating Alexa into a frame of glasses (which can be fitted with corrective lenses). They’re in their second generation and sell for $155 ($250 at launch).

It’s a much simpler method because it completely ignores the visible part, and there’s not even a camera. We’re a long way from what Snap, Meta, Sony, Microsoft, and probably tomorrow Apple are doing.

Echo Frames: Amazon Connected Glasses Available

Echo Frames: Amazon Connected Glasses Available

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