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The PS5 is hard to find in stores and many buy it only to resell and earn a small sum. One player did just that, but the motivation behind his choice was different than usual and his story went viral in the reset era. The user – Traxus – said yes Sold the PlayStation 5 to expand their N64 game collection.

Draxus claims to have two young children, all on retro consoles, The N64 is so much fun to use “Especially for the little ones, thanks for all the 3D platforms available on the platform.” User says he played Super Mario 64 with his son and enjoyed it as much as 1996. Traxus started by watching an old TV on the side of the road and remembering the “old days”. From there, he found a 27-inch Sony Trinitron to use with the N64 and decided to sell the PS5.

He says he “earned a small amount” and invested it to expand his collection of N64 games. Among the various titles purchased: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Snap, Super Smash Brothers e Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. However, Traxus says he enjoyed the PS5 game and wants to buy it again in the future. Currently, he has plenty of N64 games to play.

More on the Nintendo 64 theme: Guinness World Record for offering the smallest console made by a motor. Also, if you want to play Super Mario 64 and two other Super Mario 3D All-Stars games on the Nintendo Switch, we remind you that you only have until the end of March to purchase the collection.

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The PS5 did not beat the N64

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