Valve Steam Link app is now available on macOS

The influx of video games has begun to democratize. And this without necessarily talking about cloud games. For example, it is possible to stream your own games from home.

Video games have evolved a lot in recent years, especially in the way we consume them. It is now played a lot on mobile, for example, and increasingly via live broadcasts. In other words, it is possible to play resource-intensive titles on extremely poorly performing devices, and that’s in full mobility. There are several solutions to do this. Implementation Steam Link Valve can do just that. she Available on macOS Since today.

Steam Link with on macOS

If you like the idea of ​​being able to play video games at home but from another device, you might be interested to know that Valve just released the Steam Link app on macOS. This will allow macOS users to connect to another local computer and stream games from that computer to their Macs.

Additional option to play on Mac

For those who don’t know, Steam Link is an app developed by Valve that allows users to stream games on a variety of devices, such as from computer to computer or from computer to smartphone. This solution could be very helpful for Mac users who cannot specifically play certain games due to a Mac – whether it be due to hardware limitations or some compatibility concerns -.

And since all the calculations are done on the computer running the game, you don’t need to have a high-performance machine to enjoy it. Any computer – or nearly any – will do the trick. However, Valve recommends that gamers have a 5GHz WiFi or Ethernet connection for the best possible experience.

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Valve introduced Steam Link a few years ago, but Apple was totally against streaming apps at the time, causing Valve’s concerns in this area. Today, the situation has changed enough to allow Steam Link In the Mac App Store.

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