‘Separatism’: The Dean of the Paris Mosque Warns of ‘Hardware Measures’

The Dean of the Paris Mosque, Emmanuel Macron, warns against “taking smart measures to serve political communication without a future” through his strategy to fight “separatism” that the head of state will present on Friday.

“I want to be honest: If it is just about putting in place measures for the hardware to serve political communication without a future, I prefer not to participate,” writes Chems-eddine Hafiz, in a column published in Le Monde Friday. .

“I will fully support the work of the president of the republic in confronting + Islamic separatism +, provided that this approach is part of a proactive and resolute republican policy and moves away from political opportunism and communication coups that are usually invited to debate on the eve of the elections deadlines,” he says.

Regarding the remark – “Is there really on our territory the will to release the republic? – Hafez answers:“ Yes (…) without ambiguity. ” Some representatives of Islam in France? Like some politicians elsewhere? She is often in denial (…). A certain number of local elected representatives and officials refused to see the situation. “

And questioning the “gradual (which) division that has been installed” for forty years, “is urban first, then social, and finally economic, before it becomes ideological and identity.”

He stressed that “it is essential to remember the state’s failures,” referring to the “disengagement of public authority at the municipal level.” “State services and some local communities compensated for this abandonment by ‘beautification’ and subsidies that were distributed generously, often without oversight, to associations, and generally to agents of local elected officials. These are all irresponsible situations (…), and many adventures that have been delivered. Part of our youth, if not to Islamist recruits, to the realm of perversion. “

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For Mr. Hafez, “when the Jacobite state, which is supposed to play an organizational role, organizes ethnic and religious isolation, when it itself creates conditions for failure in school (…), it tolerates extremist organizations and associations associated with political Islam to deal with ‘private lessons’.” (…) We should not be surprised by the result. “

It proposes to “identify” “partners” who can participate in the struggle against “separatism”. And it calls for “not to question any Muslim who wishes to respect the teachings of his religion calmly,” but also “to open up areas in which Islamic groups flourish.” Another recommendation: bring on “counter speech” on social networks.

01/10/2020 13:11:17 – Paris (AFP) – © 2020 AFP

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