A new generation of displays and computers optimized for videoconferencing

Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could change the way we consume. This Thursday, he is interested in new generations of monitors and computers specially designed for video.

Today’s innovation may interest those who spend their days video conferencing by working remotely. It’s a new generation of computers and screens designed to show us in front of the camera.

They will, for example, add lights on each side or around the entire screen. So the face is perfectly lit at all times. There will be no more backlight when you have a window behind.

We also improve the quality of web cameras to get a more satisfying picture. It was time! It’s been years since web cameras haven’t really evolved.

There are even models that include up to three webcams (for close-ups, medium shots, and wide shots). Which gives more options in staging.

Is it directly integrated into the computer?

Yes, on laptops. Several models to come. I think of this from NexstGo which integrates both three webcams and lighting around the screen.

We’re also starting to see a lot of outdoor screens adding lighting and a web camera. Some even have special buttons to start video conferencing, mute or lock your camera, and avoid filming without your knowledge.

They should also work on the sound. Between background noise and echo, it is sometimes difficult to understand what is being said.

Dolby, the hi-fi specialist has just created an audio standard specifically for video conferencing. It’s called Dolby Voice. It also automatically eliminates background noise and echo and makes conversations more understanding. When multiple people speak at the same time, the voices will be separated, and assigned, rather than imposed as they are today.

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Once again, the time has come. It took several closings for us to be interested.

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