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“We worked around the concept of intimacy. And what is ultimately more intimate than family? » In the Fendi family, I ask Silvia, artistic director of the men's collections and accessories, to whom we owe our Baguette bag. It was she who wanted this series of narrative fragrances that bear witness to a lineage of strong women. Seven creations as many as the photo collages in this family album.

We in turn meet Adele Casagrande Fendi, the mother who founded the fur and leather goods house in 1925, Delfina Delettrez Fendi, the current artistic director of the jewellery, her 6-year-old twins, Tazio and Dardo, Anna Fendi (mother Silvia), but also Kim Jones, artistic director For high-end fashion and women's ready-to-wear.

These family figures become the inspiration for this collection of fine fragrances that constantly reconnect with their roots without sinking into the outdated. Silvia Venturini Fendi defines: “These fragrances are not only inspired by our family members, but are also dedicated to some of the people who mean a lot to us, both present and past.”

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The evocation is often subtle, like Perché No, Silvia's talisman, a statement of simplicity, as fresh as a leaf drying in the sun in the garden of Casali del Pino, the villa where the tribe gathers on weekends in the Roman countryside. Fendi entered the LVMH group in 2001, a house that combines sobriety and vitality, austerity and sensuality in equal measure.

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Leather and cherry accord

But how do you put style into perspective? Perfumers Anne Flipo, Fanny Ball and Quentin Bisch have all imbibed the spirit of the brand in their own way. The visit to what the Romans called the Colosseo Quadrato (Palace of Italian Civilization), a parallelepiped form of perfect proportions dressed in clean limestone, the brand's headquarters whose geometry is reflected in the bottle, allowed Quentin Pieche, to whom “we are indebted to four people” of the compositions, to establish an aesthetic By finding a middle way “Between supposed baroque and more modern purity.”

Perhaps one of the most beautiful translations Casa Grande, a faithful image of Adele, takes the form of an offbeat accord of leather and cherry as a reminder of the brand's art in coloring its hides and furs, including fuchsia. Thanks to this group that can be described as “the biography”, Every woman in the Fendi family no longer has just a face, but a footprint as well.

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