Report: Sony currently only has two PS VR2 games in development –

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock for the past six months, you've probably sensed something is wrong with Sony's venture into virtual reality.

Although the PS VR2 was released last year, Sony doesn't seem at all interested in releasing games for the system, while sales numbers are low. The VR-focused London studio location recently closed, and earlier this year there was also news that production had been halted. Once this is indicated, it has been confirmed that Sony has installed an adapter that allows the PS VR2 to be used on PC, so that it connects as much as the fact that Sony has been able to use the PS VR2 on its way to argent. In the future.

today, Reports indicate that Sony has cut resources across its entire VR division and has only two games left in development. Sony has not commented on these claims, although this does not seem at all unlikely given how the company has behaved thus far.

Currently, the PS VR2 costs £509.99 / €603.25 on Amazon, so it's a fairly large investment that may run out if Sony loses interest. Would you buy the headset yourself at this point or opt for an alternative like the Meta instead?

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