SFR mobile network fails in ‘several large cities’

“There is an incident currently underway on the SFR Mobile network. The technical teams are on the bridge to resolve it and allow you to restore your services”This Tuesday, October 26, the mobile operator said on Twitter, in response to a user describing a file “Mixed network”. According to a spokesperson for the Altice Group, the parent company of SFR, the blackout affected 4G in several major cities in France. Its origin is still unknown until now. However, the problem appears to be on the way to a solution. “Services are back”The company confirmed to AFP.

Several subscribers were disconnected from the network on Tuesday afternoon. Some of them started having difficulties around 2 pm. Indeed, from this time on, the number of alerts on the DownDetector crash reporting site – coming in particular from Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon or Nantes – has increased dramatically. They started dropping from 3 in the afternoon.

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