Shoes, tools, gear … Christmas gift ideas for runners

He is even picky about this issue, but his desires are easy to know, so he is extensive on the topic.

the clock

This is the main equipment, not necessarily necessary, but there are many models, from the simple chrono to the wrist computer for most of all nerds, and it is possible to find a device that suits it. At the forefront of connected technology, he will appreciate the latest modern technology.


It is indispensable for smartphone input and live social network follow-up, but also for security, if needed.

Audio headphones

For those who can’t run without the beat of their favorite tracks.

Sports uniform

It is winter and it is cold. We can offer him warm equipment to train in all weather: a warm jacket, windproof, waterproof, waterproof and ultra-light.

Traileur groups

If he loves long-distance races in the midst of nature and in tough terrain, pick the complete bag that has everything you need: everything to fight heat, hail, wind, rain, snow, and everything for him. Moisturize and refuel without forgetting the safety gear (front, life blanket, whistle). Not to mention heaters to insert into gloves and socks.


Subscribing to a niche magazine with tailored tips for all levels can allow him to enter this world of contestants on the right foot.


Sesame for a fetish event is a gift that will undoubtedly please, especially if it is an event that is in demand for a long time and comes too early for registration.


And if the gift search is an obstacle course or a race against time, let him choose (his watch!) And present him a gift card. Owned by a lot of stores and at least he would choose the best gift in the world.

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