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Xbox Series X | S. Starting to get Support For that Dolby Vision I applied Video games, For current internal usersAlpha test ring, Are beginning to get active functionality on their consoles.

This means that all users are scheduled for the next period: there is no precise fixed timeline for these events, but it is highly possible that Next months Support for Dolby Vision in Games All Xbox Series X | Also published by S Public Release At the end of the test phase.

As it is now known, the Xbox Series X | S also exclusively supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Admos for video games, the audio part is already available and apparently Dolby Vision has now arrived relatively quickly. Obviously, you have to own one TV or monitor Dolby is capable of supporting vision, but in that casedesire Xbox Series X | Adds features you can enable or disable in the S Options panel.

“As we announced last year, we are pleased to bring Dolby Vision support for gaming to our Xbox consoles. 2021“A spokesman told Forbes he answered a direct question on the matter after a first glance at the feature.” This feature is currently being tested and we will receive further notifications regarding this feature. Release period Coming soon to all and action “.

So the rest will have to wait for the official news, but in the meantime the Xbox Series X | Dolby Vision is active for those who are part of the S Alpha test ring: according to some in this report, the functionality is compatible and tested for a variety of games such as Borderlands 3, Gears Fest and Hollow: The Master Chief Collection.

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According to the first evidence, the use of Dolby Vision seems to be involved Significant improvements Compared to HDR10 in terms of luminosity, black dimensions, contrast and color intensity. Last October, Dolper Vision and Dolby Atmos were featured in the teaser trailer.

Xbox Series X | S Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos have support for games only

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