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Twitter took Gamescom, starting today, as an opportunity to take another look at the most discussed gaming topics currently. The last evaluation after E3 in June was still global in nature. This time it’s specifically about the German-speaking Twitter scene.

Based on an assessment (from the beginning of the year until August 20) of the top gaming hashtags on Twitter in Germany in 2021 shows: Nintendo is still the measure of all things. #NintendoSwitch It is the most used hashtag in this country.

This rise has been attributed to publications such as Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and advertisements such as the Switch OLED model. In second place is a fairly general hashtag # games.

In third place with #ps4share It clearly shows how important it is to share content. With the Nintendo Switch, #NintendoSwitch is also included by default – Nintendo doesn’t suggest an explicit sharing hashtag here. Animal Crossing is still popular: Rank 4 for #animal crossing.

gets fifth place # Jinshin, which is also still very popular. The free game will soon celebrate its first birthday with an online concert, among other things.

Let’s see how things develop after Gamescom. Nintendo isn’t represented here again this year. Nintendo canceled the show early, and the reasons for this have also been reported.

Via press release, photos: mix photos employment Pixabay

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